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Our approach makes learning easy and effective by guiding you through simple steps using compounding knowledge and skill with each module you complete. We break things down into the simplest learning blocks with quick concise lessons.

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It is our goal to provide you with the most helpful home distilling courses you can find on the internet. We want it to be so easy for you to learn new skills in this hobby that the learning becomes half the fun. Check out these Moonshiner Academy benefits.

  • FREE lessons so you can get started with zero cost.
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  • Full-courses to take you step by step, stacking new skills and knowledge learning in digestible chunks so we can guarantee you the result you're after.
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  • Modules include a mix of video lessons, audio lessons and text lessons based on which teaching format is best suited for the particular topic. This helps to keep the information fresh and interesting.
  • Downloadable worksheets, cheat sheets, templates, and other resources in every course help visualize the knowledge and provide actionable details.

They Say

What They Say

Excellent info and presentation

In every way of the process. i feel like i can see the big picture now.


I would absolutely recommend this course.

Coy Daniel

This course will definitely help the beginner. To have all the information you need to get started with this hobby is priceless! I wish I could have taken this course in the beginning and wouldn't have spent months learning what I shouldn't do.

Everything you need to know and the basic equipment you will need as a beginner is here, step by step.

Very easy!

Definitely will recommend this course. Thank you Cyrus!

Janetta Rothmeyer

There were a few video glitches during the course but over all well done.

I thought I should always start in the middle when deciding for cuts and move out. I will try your method and see if I like that approach better.

Course still show 30% complete even though I watched all the content. Not sure why that is happening.

I would absolutely recommend this course. I teaches all the basics needed to get started.

Doug Frey